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Children laughing in the grass.

      Every year since 2004, we have been provided the names of families in need who will not be receiving assistance for the holidays from any other source or program. On average, 70 to 80 children are invited to this party. The whole family is served a delicious holiday meal, and the children are given gifts and toys by Santa Claus from their “wish list” along with clothes, shoes, and other much needed items. The children also decorate cookies, stuff stockings and enjoy other holiday craft projects in a day that is full of smiles. After Santa arrives (sometimes by boat), the children receive their gifts from Santa, including clothes, toys and other gifts that they had on their individual wish lists. Each child also receives a $25 gift certificate for shoes and a stocking full of hygiene items. A picture is taken of the whole family with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and this is framed and given to the family before they leave the part. The children are always excited by Santa, but they also enjoy decorating cookies, face painting, drinking root beer floats, playing games and making crafts. This day is one of our highlights for the year and one that is always filled with smiles! Check out this year’s photos: 2022 Holiday Giving Party

    Every attempt is made to fulfill all types of requests for children in need through collaboration with community partners; including medical and dental professionals, medical equipment providers and other related services. Some of the previous requests we have assisted with are:
    • • Paid for a custom designed wheelchair lift for a 17 year old boy.
    • • Funded oral reconstructive surgery for a 5 year old girl.
    • • Helped to provide necessary orthodontic treatment for an 8 year old boy who had severe dental abnormality. This corrected the problem and improved his self-esteem.
    • • A little boy was struck by a car and suffered a brain injury. We replaced the broken locks that hold his wheelchair in place for his parents’ van.
    • • Purchased specialized contact lenses for a boy who was diagnosed with Keratoconus – a degenerative disorder of the eye.
    • • Helped a family with travel expenses to get specialized medical care for their daughter who was being treated for eye cancer. Maria
    • • In 2000, we donated funds to assist in building a special needs playground in a local county park.
    • • Provided out of state transportation for medical treatment and so much more.

      Vouchers are available to pay for much needed emergency medications for children whose families are of low income and without prescription coverage. Healthcare professionals at local schools, emergency rooms, pediatric offices and clinics help to distribute our vouchers, which are exchanged for medication(s) at participating Walgreens pharmacies.

      PPF rewards scholastic success over adversity by providing two different higher education scholarships to encourage high school seniors who have significant adversity to overcome. 1. “The Pasco Pediatric Foundation Challenge Scholarship” is specifically geared to encourage high school seniors as they pursue a higher education at a college or university. 2. “The Michelle Evers Memorial Scholarship” is for a high school senior who will be going to a vocational/technical school after high school. Eligible students must have successfully pushed past their personal challenges and must be planning to attend a college or a vo-tech program. They are recommended by school nurses, guidance counselors and career specialists at their Pasco County high schools. If you feel that you or someone you know are eligible, please contact your school’s guidance counselor, career specialist or school nurse.

    • Click here to download the PPF Challenge Scholarship Application Form (Word Version)

    • Click here to download the PPF Challenge Scholarship Application Form (PDF Version)

    • Our amazing winners have used the scholarship to start their education for their chosen career path, and many have exceeded all expectations. Some of our previous recipients include:

      Nicole Lawlor

      “I graduated from RRHS in 2012, and I went on to graduate from USF in 2014 with a BS with a major in public health and a minor in psychology. I moved to Vero Beach to do a 2,000 hour internship as an Admin in Training. After my 10 months as an AIT, I sat for my national exam and my state exam. I officially became a Nursing Home Administrator in February of 2016. I began working as the Assistant Administrator at a 150 bed skilled nursing facility in Clearwater in March of 2016. In December of 2016, I was given the opportunity to be the interim Administrator and in February of 2017, I was offered the permanent position as the NHA at Comprehensive Healthcare of Clearwater – at the age of 22. Since I completed my Bachelor’s degree, I have since started a Master’s program online, and I am one class away from having a Master’s in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in Health Care Quality Assurance.”

      Connor Salliote

      In May of 2017, I graduated from RRHS. My time there will always be remembered, as well as the people who made those 4 years so special. It was in my Freshmen year of High School that I lost my mom to a tragic car accident, and not only did the school show me the utmost kindness in that time, but it allowed me a chance to use my experience to help others. Later on, I had the opportunity to speak with students who also lost a loved one. I knew all along that my words could never fill the void that was created in their life, but I wanted them to know that they had a friend who understood that void. Throughout high school, my passion for people, and helping them only grew, and that’s what fueled my ambition when I took a trip over seas to Peru on a mission trip. There, I spent 2 weeks playing with children, reading them Bible stories and even though there was a language barrier, none of us needed a translator to understand the happiness and love that was arising from the conversations. All of the people I have met, and all the ones I have ever had the privilege to help in any way is what continues to push me forward in finding where I can be used most effectively in helping others. I will be attending PHSC for the next 2 years to earn my AA and in those 2 years I will try out different internships and look into various opportunities to see where I fit best. After 2 years, my plan is to transfer to USF. One of my favorite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” My dreams have always been big, and I want to thank you with all my heart for being such an incredible part in helping make them come true by allowing me to further my education.”

* Applications available at Pasco County Schools from Pasco County school nurses.