2016 Craft Street Celebrity Luncheon

  On October 21, 2016, local celebrities of our community once again volunteered to “serve” the children of Pasco County by trading in their briefcases for menus and serving trays. Their temporary job was to assist the servers at the Craft Street Kitchen in Trinity during a luncheon event. Donations, in the form of tips, added up to nearly $22,000.00 and will benefit the Pasco Pediatric Foundation. Servers were invited to participate and to recruit lunch guests to attend.

Waiters for the event included Stacy Kemp of Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group, Mike Moore, Pasco County Commissioner, Ron May of May Wealth Management Group, Wendy Stevens of Servpro, Devin & Mary Sommise of HCA Healthcare, Rich Bekesh of Spring Engineering, Mike Fasano, Pasco County Tax Collector, Cpt. Wendy Longman of Windsong Charters, Tina Farrell of Farrell Roofing, and Mark Wickham of Youth and Family Alternatives.

The relationship between local celebrities and elected officials, Craft Street Kitchen, and Pasco Pediatric Foundation is an excellent example of how individuals and corporations can serve the communities in which they live. The community is invited to support Craft Street Kitchen at 3216 Little Rd in Trinity and thank them for their generous assistance to Pasco children. Please visit their website at craftstreetkitchen.com.

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